I have a classifieds section in a site i am developing. It allows classified adverts to be viewed by section and then each advert to be viewed in detail.

I have a classified_adverts table which has an advert_id and also class_sect (the section it belongs to).

The class_section table has an id and the name of the section.

On the view_advert.php I display all of the details about the advert, i also want to display links to other adverts in the same section.

When viewing the view_advert.php page, the querystring has the id of the advert and also the classified section id - ie view_advert.php?advert_id=4&sec_id=1

So i have a recordset that selects the details about the advert;

SELECT advert_id, class_sect, ad_title, ad_body, ad_price, ad_contactEmail, ad_contactPhone, ad_contactName, item_photo, DATE_FORMAT(date_created,'%D %M %Y') as date_posted
FROM ClassifiedAdvert
WHERE advert_id = advert

advert gets its value from $_GET['advert_id']

I then have a recordset that selects records where the classified section is the same as the id in the querystring and the advert_id is NOT = to the advert id:

SELECT advert_id, class_sect, item_type, ad_title
FROM ClassifiedAdvert
WHERE class_sect = section AND NOT advert_id = advert
ORDER BY item_type ASC

But the second record set it not returning any adverts, although there are other adverts in the same section. I have run my query on the command line in my terminal session and it returns an empty set.....

Is this the best way to go about what I am trying to achieve and I have just made a stupid mistake with my SQL OR is there an easler/better way of achieving this?

Thanks in advance.