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    Post (Discussion) DHTML XUL interpreter

    now a days, I'm interested in XUL and its interpreter out of the Mozilla box.
    before I go further, I want to share my idea about XUL. XUL has potential, but what I'm thinking about XUL is that, although it has great structure for UI construction, it could be just another 'ActiveX' at the Mozilla-side. I mean, it simply has browser limitation which most of web designers/developers hate the most.
    Unlike ActiceX, XUL is transparent since it doesn't contain any complied binaries but bunch of declarations of elements in XML, so it is possible that one can design an browser-free interpreter(presentation layer socket).
    As soon as I noticed it I googled and, not many but, I could find some efforts of this kind.

    -some discussion about XUL in IE
    (or for you convenience:

    -ZULU(Flash XUL parser)

    IMO, most of suggestions, like making XUL interpreter using ActiveX or Flash, however, are not clean solutions but just another walk-arounds because they need another wrapper.
    Later, I ended up thinking that maybe I can make a XUL interpreter or parser purely with DHTML. Actually I develop a project called, Wednus(, and it wouldn't be that hard for me to make a XUL interpreter by using the Wednus engine. I mean, with using only Javascript and CSS.

    Before I go further, I hope to know your thinking about this topic.
    Why do you think there's no DHTML XUL parsers yet?
    (If you know any, please let me know.)
    Do you think DHTML XUL parser could be useful?
    What other things should I know/acknowledge to/ about making a XUL interpreter?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not really a dhtml XUL-parser, but nonetheless :


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