I bought Kevin Yank's PHP/MySQL book and have been reading it for a few days now. I'm finally getting the time to get started and I'm already having problems on page 4.

I downloaded MySQL 4.1.8 and installed it.

On page 4, Kevin says the bin subfolder will contain five versions of MySQL: mysqld.exe, mysqld-opt.exe, mysqld-nt.exe, mysqld-max.exe and mysqld-max-nt.exe.

First problem -- I only have 2 of these in my subfolder: mysqld.exe and mysqld-nt.exe. As I have a dreaded Windows ME system, Kevin suggests I use mysqld-opt.exe. But its not there. ????

So I decide to just go ahead with mysqld.exe. As directed, I go to the MS-DOS command prompt, then to the MySQL bin directory and run mysqld. It pauses for a second, then gives me another command prompt, which appears to be normal as Kevin says not to be surprised about the second command prompt.

However, when I Ctrl-Alt-Del and pull up the task list, I don't see it. ???

Playing around some more, I find that if I just double click on mysqld.exe in the bin directory where its located, it does show up in my task list. Is this good enough?

Thanks for your help.