I'm using postgresql 7.4. I'm trying to create a sequence named "seq1", then run a query that drops a bunch of records into tbl95(one of the fields in tbl95 defaults to "nextval('public.seq1'::text)") and then when done it deletes the sequence. It's for dumping financial info into a "checks" table. The sequence is suppose to generate check numbers based on the users input parameter called "checkno". But when the page is opened I get this error:

ERROR: relation "public.seq1" does not exist

So it's quite obvious it's not creating the sequence, but I'm not sure why. Any ideas, anyone? Here's the code I'm using:

// begin create seq1 to generate checknos
$checkno__Seq1 = '-1';
if (isset($_GET['checkno'])) {
$checkno__Seq1 = $_GET['checkno'];
$query_Seq1 = sprintf("CREATE SEQUENCE public.seq1 INCREMENT 1 START '%s'", $checkno__Seq1);
// end create seq1 to generate checknos

// begin Recordset
$session1__Recordset1 = '-1';
if (isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['col1'])) {
$session1__Recordset1 = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS['col1'];
$recordid66__Recordset1 = '-1';
if (isset($_GET['recordid66'])) {
$recordid66__Recordset1 = $_GET['recordid66'];
$query_Recordset1 = sprintf("INSERT INTO tbl95 ( col13, col2, col27, col28, col30, col31, col32, col33, col34, col16 ) SELECT view1.col23, view1.col2, view1.physician, view1.totaltopay, view1.col4, view1.col5, view1.col6, view1.col7, view1.col8, '%s' AS user FROM view1 WHERE (view1.col23='%s')", $session1__Recordset1,$recordid66__Recordset1);
$Recordset1 = $base2->SelectLimit($query_Recordset1) or die($base2->ErrorMsg());
$totalRows_Recordset1 = $Recordset1->RecordCount();
// end Recordset

// destroy checkno sequence
$destroycheckno__Seq1 = "DROP SEQUENCE public.seq1";
// end of destroy checkno sequence