I'm very much a newbie to MySQL and haven't been able to successfully install it on my W2K machine yet so I have now way of testing this syntax. At any rate, I am helping a friend who has very little database experiance, but is working in MySQL. Am I on the right track?

create table churches (
church_ID int not null auto_increment,
primary key(church_ID),
church_name varchar(23) not null,
church_address varchar(18) not null,
church_city varchar(13) not null,
church_state varchar(2) not null,
church_zip varchar(5) not null,
church_phone varchar(12) not null,
church_fax varchar(12),
church_email varchar(13),
church_contact varchar(13)

create table users (
user_ID int not null auto_increment,
primary key(user_ID),
church_ID foreign key(index_church_ID),
more data....