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    Cool Whats with this new trend in banners!?!

    Ok, so whats with this new trend in these banners on msn/hotmail? You know what i am talking about, don'tcha? The one which says "Low mortgage" and they always come in different forms, sometims a snake with all 50 states as it's scales or an ear of corn, which i think was 'corny'. (ok bad pun, move along, smack!)

    Today it was the ginger bread boy drowning in a glass of milk and the glass had the 50 states in it... now apparently a new market research, they found out that prople with high mortgages love animals and hate the ginger bread boy.

    The sick part is yet to come.

    First i noticed that there was this pattern and was thinking about who came up with that idea? Used to laugh about it. The sick part is that i find myself (involuntarily) waiting to see what it's gonna be everyday...hmm...maybe this might be saying more good about those banners!

    Anybody else? anybody? huh huh? am i alone with this? am i the only one seeing this... is this a personal conspiracy against me for installing firefox? (it all started around that time)

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    I'm in the UK and I'm getting geotargetted ads so I can't see your corny snake.

    The silly thing is, we've got a broadband company putting big adverts on Hotmail but their network only covers the London area. This means that only one in six of their adverts are going to the correct audience. They must have buckets of money to waste if they are willing display five sixths of their adverts to people who can't buy their service.
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