I'm sure this isn't the best idea but I use Access2000 linked to my postgresl 7.4 database to help me create my queries quickly. Then I move the query and make it work for Dreamweaver MX 2004/PHP. I'm trying to create an append query that will dump multiple records into a table. I'm not sure if this sql is compatible with my setup but here it is:

INSERT INTO tbl95 ( col13, col2, col27, col28, col30, col31, col32, col33, col34 )
SELECT view1.col23, view1.col2, view1.physician, view1.totaltopay, view1.col4, view1.col5, view1.col6, view1.col7, view1.col8
FROM view1
WHERE (((view1.col23)='recordid66'))

I'm also trying to get it so that col35 would be a sequential number starting from a parameter is set. ie. the user enters 122, then the records that are added would enter into col35 the number 122, then on the next record it would add 123, then next record 124, etc. Is this all possible?