Hello people.

I'm having problems with the 'edit' page of my simple news system.

Here is the code
PHP Code:
// check if an article has been edited in the previous page

if (isset($_POST['editarticle'])) {

// complete edit process

$ID $_POST['ID'];
$sql_insert_article "UPDATE $TABLE SET DATE = '$DATE', TITLE = '$TITLE', CONTENT = '$CONTENT' WHERE ID='$ID'";
if (@
mysql_query($sql_insert_article)) {
"Editing succesful $ID $TABLE");
  } else {
"Editing was unsuccesful. " mysql_error());

} else {

// show form to add article with ID=$AID 
Now, I get the right data to be edited in the form, and when I click submit I'm told that editing is succesful. However, the changes are not made in the database.

I've added $ID and $TABLE into the echo command of a succesful edit and it's interesting to note that only $TABLE prints anything. So I think there's a missing link in the chain in the above code ^^^.

Thanks for your help in advance.