What is wrong with my syntax? It keeps failing at th first comparison operator.

Here is the query
SELECT Sales.SalesID, Sales.SalesName, Sales.SalestartDate, Sales.SalesEndDate, Count(DistinctSales.Products)

CountOfSales, Sales.Salesactive, (Sales.SalesEndDate>=getDate() And Sales.SalesActive And Sales.SalesStartDate<=getDate())

BigSale, Sales.SalesEndDate<=getDate() AS InStoreSale
FROM AllSales
RIGHT JOIN Sales ON AllSales.SaleWeek=Sales.SaleID
GROUP BY Sales.SaleID, Sales.SaleWeek, Sale.SaleStartDate, Sale.SaleEndDate, Sale.SaleActive
Here is the error
Server: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 1
Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '>'.
Maybe I have looked at it for too long, but i don't see anything wrong with it.
Thanks for your help.