After more than a year of hard work, the PostgreSQL Global Development Group proudly announces the release of version 8.0.0 of the PostgreSQL ORDBMS. This release involves possibly more major changes than any prior version of PostgreSQL since 6.3, including:

Native Windows port
Savepoints/nested transactions
Exception handling inside functions
Point in time recovery
Improved shared buffer management
Background writer process to reduce checkpoint impact
Tunable delays to reduce the impact of VACUUM
Overhaul of pg_dump and pg_restore
Expanded log format options and log rotation
Improved embedded quote handling for functions
ALTER TABLE can alter the data type of an existing column
Improved ALTER capabilities for all database objects

Download it now:
FTP Mirrors:
Windows Version:

Some packages for popular Linux distributions are now available at:

... and more will be coming soon.

Members of the press and the public unfamiliar with PostgreSQL should read our press release here:

Others can review the release notes for a full list of 8.0 changes, features, and upgrade warnings:

Download and have fun!