Greetings Everyone,

Below is my query that i'm trying to get it to work.

I want the query to select only the unique rows. In my example, the unique feild is the date field. The result doesnt fetch the unique fields. It simply spits out all fields! what am i doing wrong?

Dim strSQL2 as String = "select DISTINCT count(*) as rec, convert(char(6),dateEntered,13) as dateEntered from EmailTracker where convert(char(12),dateEntered,13) >= '"& stdate &"' AND convert(char(12),dateEntered,13) <= '"& endate &"' group by convert(char(6),dateEntered,13)"

The fields are used in a chart control. I just want to track unique clicks and draw up a chart on the dates. any help is very much appreciatd. Thanks.