Hey guys,

I came across a PHP class that would be staggeringly useful if I could only get it to work. It's a class that allows you to read/write excel files: http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/1919.html

The class works fine on my own server, but when moving to a client server I get the following error message:

Warning: fopen(xlsfile://tmp/example.xls): failed to open stream: "xlsstream::stream_open" call failed in /path/to/the/file/example_export.php on line 13
Cannot open xlsfile://tmp/example.xls

The relevant lines in example_export.php are:

[10] require_once "excel.php";
[11] $export_file = "xlsfile://tmp/example.xls";
[13] $fp = fopen($export_file, "wb");

I'm at a loss to know where to begin debugging this sucker. I'm very much new to "streams". Any suggestions...? (I realise I'm not giving you much to work with here)