I have a very basic table that has a LastModifed date field, of type SMALLDATETIME.

Now the problem is, for some ODD reason when ever I insert a record, the resulting date is ALWAYS 2 days in the future, regardless!

I have tried getdate() (my prefered option usualy), tried setting the date in my app, have even tried setting it to two day in the past, but still results in a record with a date stamp of 2 days in the future (of today)

I control the server and have gone over every possible setting I could think of, everything is running fine, I have run querys in QA both localy (connected to the server) and on the server it's self, both using normal getdate and Convert(smalldatetime, getdate()) and all give the CORRECT date.

Can anyone shed some light why this would be happening?

Thanks in advance.