I am creating a database backend for a site. The Top of each page has a title, some text, and a main photo. The bottom of the page has 4 sub categories, each with a photo, a catagory title, and a few links for each category (some sub categories, however, don't have additional links...

So, here is where I'm stuck..

table page
pid mediumint(10)
maintitle varchar(60)
maindescription text
mainphoto varchar(100)

Now do I need to add one or two more tables to this structure??? and if so, what is the way to creat this.. ie primary keys, foriegn keys, ...

sid mediumint(10)
pid mediumint(10)
subphoto varchar(60)
subtitle varchar(60)

slid mediumint(10)
sid mediumint(10)
link_title varchar(60)
link_url varchar(255)