Hi. I've spent a good amount of time searching the forums on this issue, but nothing seems to answer my specific question. I need to take a .mdb file created in Access and extract certain columns of data for import into MySQL. The process needs to be automated. For example, a nightly-run cron job would run a PHP script that somehow reads the .mdb file, takes what it needs, and imports that into MySQL. Or, the cron job could run some other process that accomplishes the same result. I'm most comfortable with PHP.

* We do not have Access. Just .mdb files that were created in Access.
* Getting a CSV export from Access is not an option in this case
* We're using Linux

Any ideas? Most of the things I found in other posts seemed to deal with desktop applications that could manually process the conversions, or they required that a CSV file be created from Access, or they required the Access software itself. None of that will work for us in this case.

Thank you in advance!