Hi there

I was hoping someone could shed some light on some strange and annoying problems which I really need to fix.....

Firstly, I've recently been unable to receive email in Outlook Express from 3 different accounts - NTL and 2 different pop3 accounts from websites I run. I was able to ping ntlwolrd in cmd and access webmail through the NTL website so I'm beginning to think it is a PC problem. The error shows as a TCP/IP error while trying to connect to the server.

Secondly, I've been unable to use my local server for debugging and running web applications.. and Visual Studio stopped opening projects. Basically, when I try to open a local web application it trys to connect to www.localhost.com instead of the actual localhost host (this is using IIS). Also, I use Apache on port 50 so the url would show up as http://simon:50/filedirectory/etc..... Instead of opening the application it looks for www.simon.com. I was also able to ping localhost.

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening?

Many thanks indeed

OS: XP Pro SP2