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    creating repeating page borders

    Hi there guys. I'm new, so go easy on me.

    I'm working on a website for a piece of coursework and i need a way to create a bar down the side of each of my pages that conforms to the size of each page. I'm not explaining very well, so take a look at

    On each of the pages, there is a blank space about 200px wide on either side of the page, and then the borders of the content area is marked by a thin horizontal bar, the length of which conforms to each page size. A quick check of the source code indicates this is a small 4x1 gif that is being repeated horizontally. This is what i want to replicate on each of my pages. I have create a main navigation header that i have sliced in potatoshop. I have a moderate knowledge of HTML but tables have always been hard for me to understand when looking at the code. So if someone could gently hold my hand and walk me through it i'd be most grateful. If you need more information, just ask.
    Many thanks!

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    there are two basic ways to do all kinds of designs.
    1. classic - tables and stuff
    2. 'high-tech' - all done in css

    the first way is much easier to do, if you're a begginer, but on second thought
    if you start your designing using this 'high-tech' method, you will expect meny,
    hmm.... how shall i put it.... "benefits" in the future.

    read some articles about css positioning first, and all the benefits that it brings along
    and decide, witch method you want to use.

    first method is easy enough to explain right now, so here i go, but i really
    recoment that you get familiar with css designing.

    to do it in tables you'll need to put the whole site into a table, witch has 3 columns.
    left border, content, and right border.

    in left and right column use your immage as a background image of a cell.

    thats all.
    so little time, so much to do
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