Hello All!

I am not a newbie to ASP.net, but am fairly inexperienced with database design. I have designed databases in the past using SQL, but am drawing a blank when it comes to this. SQL doesn't really matter here.. This is really more of a database design question.

I am needing to develop a database for an e-commerce site. This e-commerce site will be selling various items such as clothing lines, lotions, soaps, etc...

Obviously each product will need the basic info such as price, sku#, reg price, sale price, images, etc... That is easy.

I also need options for each item. Each item will vary. Some will be clothing size options (S, M, X, XL)... weight (4oz, 6oz, 16oz), color, scent, etc... Ideally I want a back end portal for someone to use to add, delete, update the items into the db. Therefore, as dynamic as possible is ideal for the options.

I was thinking of having a category table, subcategory table (?), products table, product_options table, and ???

Anyone have any experience with this? Will be happy to contact you via email/phone as well if necessary. Thanks in advance!