Hiyas, I recently finished a simple database to store item information for a game I play, and am trying to make it easier for users to submit new items. I've been looking around but can't find anything on this topic. Is it possible to have a text field on a form, so a user can just copy and paste a snippet of something, and take parts of the text and assign them to variables?

For more clarification, I just want to be able to copy and paste this into a text field:

Glass Bracers
-=-=-=- Worn Armour Evaluation -=-=-=-

Edged: Ineffective Electric: Pathetic
Blunt: Ineffective Mind: Pathetic
Fire: Flimsy Energy: Pathetic
Ice: Flimsy Poison: Pathetic
Acid: Pathetic Radiation: Pathetic

(The items in bold will be assigned to variables upon form submit)

Could anyone point me to a direction where I could quickly accomplish this?
(website: www.3karmour.ssxh.net)