I really need to update my site... I blog pretty frequently, but the homepage and portfolio are very out of date. (I just changed my age... It used to be a year behind.)

Anyway, everytime I think of updating it, I want to rearrange the content. The homepage is pathetic. Don't bother reading it. What should I do with it? Should I make it a better bio kind of thing or should I make it my blog (I guess my blog might be considered offensive by some people.)? I'd like to keep the blog on the site rather than making it separate... it lets my friends/blog readers see my web skillz.

With the portfolio, I should divide it into logos, templates, coding, right? Should I make coding a separate page? But it would only really fit on the navbar if I got rid of my blog (or made my blog the homepage).

Thanks for your opinions.

Off Topic:

The new smilies are amazing.