This is a pretty complicated idea.. ill understand if its not possible using xml alone. But if their is ANY methods i could set this up to run automatically could you suggest them? By the way, i dont know php, all i have is a little knowledge of javascript and erm pascal! lol.
Anyway, i have made a flash applet news ticker using software. It loads news items from an XML file Data.xml.
Below is the code.
<items license="Don't remove this paragraph, or your template will stop working. Amara Software owns the copyright to this template, which may not be sold or resold, in its original form or as part of another template, by anyone other than Amara Software. To check the full license restrictions, please refer to">
  <item link="" target-frame="_blank" font-face="Comic Sans MS" font-size="14" font-color="255" higlight-color="11674146">
    <![CDATA[<b>!!..::Jpools Big Tourney.:.Starts 8:30pm 27th December:.10 Round Swiss.:1113626::...::.Join At 1+2 And 10 Pounds::..!! Merry X-Mas From JPool!!</B>]]>
  <item link="" target-frame="_blank" font-face="Comic Sans MS" font-size="14" font-color="11674146" higlight-color="32768">
    <![CDATA[<b>Thankyou for using the Jpool Toolbar!</B>]]>

From the above web page.. is their any way i could get the most recent match result to be grabbed from the page, maybe at a time interval and inserted into my data.xml file as a new item? And/Or is it possible to use javascript/html in the xml file so i could have news items like a scrolling text clock that would scroll past occasionally?

Any help would be super appreciated!