When I insert the info into a table, it enters it twice. It even increments the PRODUCT_ID for each entry. I don't know why it's being entered twice. It's not an error in my code, look:
PHP Code:
//Test to see if the user added a new product, then insert data
if ($_POST['addproduct'] == "yes") {
$new_SKU $_POST['SKU'];
$new_desc $_POST['description'];
$new_summary $_POST['summary'];
$new_icon $_POST['icon_img_link'];
$new_small $_POST['small_img_link'];
$new_large $_POST['large_img_link'];
mysql_select_db($database) or die("Unable to select database");
$add_product_qry "INSERT INTO Products VALUES ('','$new_SKU','$new_desc','$new_summary','$new_icon','$new_small','$new_large','')";
    if (!
'This is the error: ' mysql_error());

This code is not part of a while loop, and there are no similar statements in my code! think it might have to do with how the table is set up because for some tables, it works correctly. HELP!!!!!