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    Trojan Horse on the Server?

    I have a site that people have gone to and reported that they are getting a "trojan horse" warning. They have gotten the warning from pages that I uploaded as well as pages that my collegue uploaded from a different computer. Both of us claim that our computers are clean after updating Norton and scanning.
    Is it possible for a trojan horse to jump from one html page to another? That would explain how only one of us could be infected and then files that each of us have uploaded have ended up infected.
    The Hosting provider (Ipowerweb) swears up and down that it is not their server. If it is, what can I do?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    A trojan can detect that it is being scanned for. I had some really nasty ones a while back that moved themselves to different locations and even renamed themself! The can also copy themself over the network if you have one setup.

    Norton does NOT detect all trojans and virusses. And sometimes when it does, it can't delete them. So you should also run a few other programs. I use 3 different ones on our server: Symantec Antivirus and The Cleaner. I don't remember what the third is right now


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