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This is the same old discussion... People that wouldn't ever purchase a Mac arguing that it still costs to much for what you get. These are the people that will never get one even if they were $100. G4's are plenty powerful to run all the design apps and then some.
I see your point but again although I really want a Mac it becomes a hard choice for me to shell out a large amount of cash for a machine that is barely more powerful that my current on of two years age and of less cost.

It just be nice if we had a little something inbetween this and a powermac. The idea of both the mini and the imac is to make everything look cool and be compact. I just want a nice Mac base unit that I can run on my current CRT monitor that is plenty of power but maybe not streching as far out as powermac.

With the iMac you are paying for 1) making everything fit nicely in the small space and 2) for the screen. I would love that power in a simple base unit and i'd be happy.