so nov 30th i buy the "big book of art 415,000" from for 20 bucks

around december 6th i start wondering.. hey.. where is my art? so i look it up on the tracking. "your order is shipped and completed"

so i call fedex and visit my local fedex only to find out that my package has already been delivered.

now.. i live in a trailer park. but yet they decide that its ok to just leave my package on the front porch in the middle of the day (because didnt require a signature)

come to find out that it was delivered on the 3rd. and fedex tells me.. "sorry.. didnt require a signature.. you'll have to take it up with them"

so then i proceed to call only to get some guy that cant speak english well. then he tells me.. "sorry.. call back on the 14th.. we cant help you until your delivery is complete.. and it takes 2 weeks"

haha.. i am telling him what fedex told me and he still cant do anything. so i asked to talk to someone else above him.. "sorry.. 14 days sir"

ok.. so on the 14th i put in my "official" claims issue.

on the 17th i still havent heard anything from them. so i call once again. "sorry sir, we never received a claims from you"

i then retort with.. "i have a confirmation in my email right now saying you did, and that you are going to get on the claim as soon as possible"

he then says "sorry sir, whether it was your fault or our fault.. we dont have one" so then i start telling him want my stuff taken care of and that ive already had to wait a rediculous amount of time for something that i was already told had already been delivered. so he says "ill put it into claims right now.

December 23th - once again make another claim, just to do it incase the phone call wasnt "taken care of"

December 27th - i call "i havent heard anything from claims. why" associate that again cant speak good english. "sir, you havent filed a claim yet" well at this point i almost lost it. and i wont go into how mad i was. but he ends up saying that he'll take care of it and claims will contact me in a few days.

January 3rd - i submit another claim just to once again show that i still havent receive my order nor has anyone contacted me.

January 10th - i call again.. "no one is helping me.. we are working on two months now for my order" associate that STILL doesnt speak good english. "sir, we have received your claim on the 3rd.. but it will take 14 days to process"



morale of this story. buyer beware of BUY.COM.

i for one will NEVER buy from them again. totally unbelievable how i have been treated. all i was asking for was for them to give me my product and this time make sure to ask for signature.

i have went through something else to get my product. i'm probably just out of 21 bucks. or either they'll end up saying that i cant get a refund and that they are going to send me the product and require signature (if they ever actually go through with it and send it)


sorry for the rant.. i am just extremely upset right now. i cant get anyone i talk to, to get me someone on the phone with a "management" position that can take blame for the way i've been treated. its like.. if you cant show up to us face to face.. then you cant do anything to us