Hello. If I need to use INNER JOIN to join multiple tables together, but one table to more than one other table, what is the proper syntax? Do I have to create different aliases for that table for each INNER JOIN?

eg. (this is pretty ugly)
PHP Code:
SELECT DISTINCT po.products_options_namepov.products_options_values_namep.products_pricet.tax_ratec.products_id AS idc.customers_idc.customers_basket_quantity as quantityc.customers_basket_date_added as datepd.products_name 
products_options_values pov INNER JOIN customers_basket_attributes cba ON pov
.products_options_values_id cba.products_options_value_id ,
products_options po INNER JOIN customers_basket_attributes ON po.products_options_id customers_basket_attributes.products_options_id,
products_description pd  INNER JOIN customers_basket c ON pd.products_id c.products_id,
products p INNER JOIN tax_rates t ON p.products_tax_class_id t.tax_class_id
products INNER JOIN customers_basket ON products.products_id customers_basket.products_id,
customers_basket cb INNER JOIN customers_basket_attributes cba2 ON cb.customers_id cba2.customers_id,
customers_basket cb2 INNER JOIN customers_basket_attributes cba3 ON cb2.products_id cba3.products_id
.customers_id =AND pd.language_id 
AND po.language_id =AND pov.language_id 2
You'll notice that customers_basket and customers_bakset_attributes are 'joines' a number of times, at least 4 times with different tables. I was trying to write this using inner joins to avoid cartesian product errors and for easier legibility, but got lost along the way.

Is there a way to join say table customers_basket with different tables in one simpler statement?