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    ISO Notebook with English speaking tech support!

    I just bought a HP zd7000 and I wasn't all that impressed with the dispay. The colors weren't rich or vibrant and we bought the 17" widescreen WSXGA Brightview 1680x1050. So I expected crisp, clear images. It is not impressive and I was wondering if it was the driver or perhaps a bad monitor.

    I tried contacting HP several times, but they ask VERY basic questions and I get the feeling I know more than they do because I am usually steps ahead of them. The final straw was tonight when I could not understand anything the rep was saying. I finally asked where she was and she said India. I told her I was having a lot of trouble understanding her and could she please route me to a US rep or tell me a better time to call to speak to an English speaking person. She laughed and said, we are it. You cannot speak to a US tech.

    Well, I'm sending it back. If I cannot communicate with tech support, then what good is it.

    I value this forum's advisors and would love to know which companies use US techs.

    Also, since this notebook is replacing my desktop, which ones are the best. I may even go for another desktop if I can't find one that has a better display. I thought it would be nice to be portable, but I cannot give up clarity.

    Thanks in advance!

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    man, thats awful. We get that alot over here too (UK), its not being rude or racist, we just cant understand them very well, and it really annoys me. They probably just have flow charts for problems solving, anything other than that they are pretty stuck.

    But there are a few topics about laptop reccomendations:



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