I'm posting this call for help on most forums I'm a member at, since I can't figure out the answer myself, and not a good search string for Google either. Hope someone here can help.

Since this morning, one of the user accounts on my Win XP Pro-computer has stopped to work. The remaining two works as before.

When I enter the password, the login sequence starts. The desktop background show, and the icons on it does too. But for the taskbar, just the blue background shows. But not the Start-button or any icons in the Tray. Draggning the mouse to the taskbar gives me a timeglass.

The Taskmanager (I think that's the english name for it: shown when pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del) shows that Explorer.exe has 99% of the CPU. Also, the process list is much shorter than for the other two, working, accounts. Finally, double-clicking This Computer brings up an empty window, but no drives or anything is shown in i.

The computer is free from viruses and has no programs that can bring it any spyware. All three user accounts have administrator status.

Any ideas on what can have happened, and how to solve it?

Best regards,