The site i work on ( has been doing nicely. Nothing too spectacular or ground breaking, but its just our online front for our record store.

So here's the problem:

error 'ASP 0115'
Unexpected error


A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running.


But if hit refresh a few times, my main page would eventually come up.

And the worst part of all, it happens randomly, so its not like i can recreate this problem. I've scoured the internet for the ASP 0115 problem, but there isn't much information. Microsoft just mentions that it could be an ASP problem or that it can be be a CDO (??) error or that i'm not using the GLOBAL.ASA properly. But it doesn't explain why it all of the sudden it has been happening more frequent.

Well, I leave it in your hands...

thanks for any help...