Hello people

I would like to run the following test on my PHP files.
I have 2 PHP functions called: iterate and display
here are the function signatures:
PHP Code:
public function iterate($param1$param2$param3 '');
display($param1$param2$param3 ''); 
$param1, $param2 and $param3 are all strings
I would like to know exactly where I am using these functions in the code and what parameters are being used.

I would like to write a script that will iterate over all the PHP files (.php or .inc.php extension) in my projet and to use a regular expression to look for usage of these functions.
Whenever a usage is encountered, it should be written to a log file like so:
<$param1>\t<$param2>\t<path to file>\t<line #>\n

For example, if file a.php contains the code:
PHP Code:
echo display('test''Hello'); 
and file b.php contains the line:
PHP Code:
if ($obj->iterate('run'$val) == true)) { 
The log file read:
test   Hello   a.php   14
run    $val    b.php   20
where 14 is the line in a.php where the function was found and 20 is the line in b.php where the second function was found

I was wondering if someone could help me with this as my main problem is how to formulate the regular expression