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    Hi, my site doesn't look very good in Netscape. It is set up just right in Internet Explorer, but when I downloaded Browersola to look at it in Netscape (Netscape won't install on my system), it doesn't look right in Netscape. All of the borders are the standard gray instead of black, and the background image doesn't show up at all in the main table. It was written in FrontPage 2000. How can I fix this problem? The index page is up at I don't know much about HTML, I was hoping someone could tell me what's wrong and I could just change what they say to change. Thanks!

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    well, for one, in forntpage, did you select the option for netscape 4 and ie4 compatibility? with that, frontpage will disable several features to allow compatibility.

    now, the reason why your border was in grey na dnot black. netscape doesn't support bordercolor=""

    some time ago, i actually managed to work on a workaround for this border. try inserting a <font color="#000000"></font>
    around your table code. so its like:

    <font color="#000000"><table>



    just one note, you have far too many tables collapsing. try to reduce the number of tables in your design.
    netscape doesn't work well with too many tables
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