Hi all,

To warn you, I'm a complete newbie to programming. I inherited a Coldfusion application at work (development was outsourced to external developers) and I'm trying to install a login function. I'm running into problems trying to first backup the database of the application. My web host doesn't allow direct access to our database, and they recommended that I use the DTS "Export Data" function through SQL Enterprise Manager. When I run the Wizard, I get an error message saying:

"[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The login 'database owner' does not exist."

My login details are all correct (I checked with my web-host - I can login via SQL Enterprise Manager to view the database, I only run into problems when trying to export the data.) I Googled the message, and I found someone who solved the issue on another message board. Their post said:

A few objects that other developers had added didn't have all the correct user details in them which caused problems. (ie not referencing them all by user.object).
Again, I am a complete noob. How can I fix this problem, or is there any way I can circumvent it to backup my database?

Thanks for any help.