I was going to post this in the "Sell Your Website" forum, but I'm not actually selling any of my sites. I simply want to ask a very broad and somewhat vague question that has probably been attacked from a thousand different angles. It's the kind of question that many people dismiss as stupid, but it really isn't.

I'm just looking for some ballpark figures, personal anecdotes or whatever to give me a rough idea of the value of websites of various size, topics and page rank.

I've had advertising on my sites in the past (and hope to bring Google AdSense online soon), but I'm just beginning to learn about the text link market.

To get the ball rolling, one of my sites was getting as many as 20,000 hits a day during peak season and should have been bringing in about $1,000 a month or more. (The advertiser cut my revenue in half, claiming they were getting too many hits from the same sources - because my sites are used in schools.)

I'm guessing that site would have been a Page Rank 6. Therefore, I might suggest, as a very broad generalization, that a PR6 site might be worth $1,000-$2,000 a month in advertising. Would anyone care to tell me what they earn from their PR sites? How much would you expect to earn from selling text links on a PR6 site?

And how much are ads and text links worth on PR5 and PR7 sites?

Also, is there any sort of guide for text link fees versus page rank? In other words, do people typically charge $1 per text link on a P5 site and $10 per link on a P6 site, or something like that?

Again, I know it's all over the map, depending on the size of the site, topic, etc. I'm just fishing for some real life examples to give me SOME idea of the value of various websites. I have ten websites that are currently ranked PR4 and PR5, but I expect all of them to become PR5 and PR6 in the next few months.