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    I have a page that looks like the followig:

    user enterd (page 1)
    <next page>
    he fills in a form and submits it (page 2)
    <next page>
    displays some "SUCCESSFUL" stuff and redirect the user to the beginning page (page 1) using a <meta http-equiv ...>
    <next page>
    the beginning page 1 (this page now needs to be reloaded to display the users inputs)
    now the user klicks his browser's BACK button and lands on the form page instead on the page he originally came from.
    How can I fix this?

    As fare as I have come there are two possibilities:
    redirect using the meta tag AND somehow define where the history.back sould point to

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    How about tacking on some kind of unique id to the end of your emta refresh, like a unix timestamp, this way your browser will be tricked into making sure page1 is the most up to date version with the db updates showing, at least I think that is the problem you are having.

    Something like:

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=somepage.php?ck=<? print time(); ?>">
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