Can someone tell me what's wrong with the following code? It's supposed to create image hover effects via CSS, and it does so. Beautifully, I might add. Unfortunately, that's just Firefox. After writing the code and seeing it worked in Firefox I decided to open it up in IE and well... it was really fscked up.

Relative CSS code:
img {
        display: block;
        border: 0;

#link1 {
        background-image: url('/impact/layout/infohover.gif');

#link1 a:hover img {
        visibility: hidden;
Relative XHTML:
                                        <td id="link1" width="128" height="72">
                                                <a href="/"><img src="layout/info.gif" /></a>
I'd appreciate if someone with more experience than me could look over this and tell me if something is wrong. If the information provided is not enough, I'll gladly post a link to this part of the website, so just let me know.