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    What's the most efficient way?

    I've done a database scheme and wonder what the most efficient way of storing certain entries would be. The site will have news, reviews and tutorials and these will be under the same categories. So I'm wondering what the best way to do design the database scheme would be.

    Have one table like I've done now in the "content" table with the posibilty to differentiate the entries with the "post_type" field or have three different tables? Below is the table "content".

    Field  	Type   	Null  	Default
    post_id  	int(10) 	No  	 
    post_date  	datetime 	No  	0000-00-00 00:00:00 
    post_text  	text 	No  	 
    post_title  	text 	No  	 
    post_cat_id  	int(4) 	No  	0 
    post_description  	text 	No  	 
    post_name  	varchar(200) 	No  	 
    post_type  	int(4) 	No  	0
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