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    UnRaid1 a server


    Does anyone have experience making a raid1 server back into a workstation?

    I have 1 workstation with (2) 80gbs drives, not raided. One of these disks is basically empty.
    I have another workstation (for daughter) that has very little info we want to save on it, and this is the computer I need to return to it's owner.
    The server has (2) 120gb drives that are mirrored and hold roughly 80gbs of stuff we saved. I can probably get that amount down a bit.

    In the end, I'd like my workstation to have (1) 80gb and (1) 120 gb drives, not raided and turn the server back into a workstation for my daughter w/ the same 80gb and 120gb drives, not raided.

    How do I rearrange these drives w/ losing any info?
    I could transfer the server info onto my empty 80 gb drive, then reformat (1) server drive into a workstation, but then what?
    If I had one more HD, things would seem relatively simple, but I don't.

    Any suggestions/help is appreciated.
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    This sounds relatively simple anyway. If you do as you suggest and move your data you want to save to the empty 80gb drive, then break the 120GB RAID and use one of those drives to reinstall your workstation.

    Then simply use the other 120 to build the other workstation and place the second 80 in with that.

    If you want to use the 80gb drives as the boot drives try this. Take the empty 80gb Drive build that for one of the workstations then transfer the data you want to keep and spilt it over the 2 - 80gb drives, and then break the 120gb raid and copy it back to one of the drives. Then take the other 80gb and build the other workstation.
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