Hi folks

a quick question for the mysql or php gurus.

I have a table with a field for the telephone number. this includes the npa, nnx and the last 4 digits in the following order. 415 555 1234

I have about 400 numbers in the field and would like to identify the quantity using count() (and of course GROUP) of the quantity of each area code. thus 201(1), 415(20), 800(47) etc.

But I do not know how to call in wild cards to do the read of just the first 3 digits.

The format is uniform, there are no 011's.

Here is more or less where I am just now.

SELECT phone FROM mytable ORDER BY phone asc;

If I move the areacode to a seperate col. the problem is automatically solved. And I can do that one.

But is there a way without adding a col.