I just bought Vote-Pro 4.0 to include voting on my site. Unfortunately the parent company is in Europe and the customer service isn't there.

Does anyone know this program?

I downloaded the software, upgraded my server account to include Mysql, then my server used the program, MySQL Control Center to verify the connection, so it worked fine. They gave the database codes to enter at the Vote-pro login page but I can't get in. Vote-pro (who only got back to me once) says its the servers fault.

My server says the "vote-pro/config.php is empty" on the software that I downloaded from Vote_pro and thats the problem. I built my site on Dreamweaver 4 and most of the language for this mysql I just don't understand.


Does anyone suggest another program to creat a voting page? I'd like something that limits one vote per IP address..

Anyone have any suggestions...This is driving me nuts!!