I've read about this elusive beast but I've never been able to get it to work. There's hardly ANY information about it on the mySQL website so I wanted to have a thread here where someone knowledgable about database dev could give me a definitive answer on how and when to use it. Do you use it in the SELECT portion of your SQL? The WHERE? The ORDER BY? I can't beleive that something that could be so uesful is almost completely neglected on the mySQL website.

I'll start off by posting a query that I'm trying to get working with CASE.

PHP Code:
SELECT p.prod_dateaddedCONCAT(m.mfr_name' 'p.prod_name) AS productc.company_nameu.user_name
FROM tblmanufacturers m
INNER JOIN tblproducts p
    ON m
.mfr_id p.fk_mfr_id
    ON u
.user_id p.fk_user_id
LEFT OUTER JOIN tblcompany c
    ON c
.company_id u.fk_company_id
WHERE prod_dateadded BETWEEN 
'2004-11-01' AND '#DateFormat(Now(),"yyyy-mm-dd")#'
ORDER BY product 
At this point my query returns 3 rows. Two of those rows have 2 records each that return empty strings. I'd like to replace those empty strings with the letters "EMC". Obviously I could use CFIF statements to replace them but I really want to learn more SQL so I'm asking this question now.

Does anyone have any thoughts?