I'm using a menu swf file that reads an xml file like:

<MAIN text="Gigi Nutter" expand="true">
 	  <SUB text="Biography" URL="/gigi/biography.php" target="_self"></SUB>
 	  <SUB text="My Horses" URL="/gigi/myhorses.php" target="_self"></SUB>
 	  <SUB text="My Teachers" URL="/gigi/myteachers.php" target="_self"></SUB>
 	  <SUB text="My Students" URL="/gigi/mystudents.php" target="_self"></SUB>
 	  <SUB text="Press" URL="/gigi/press.php" target="_self"></SUB>
 	  <SUB text="Prose" URL="/gigi/prose.php" target="_self"></SUB>
What I want is to be able to know if the browser is in the subdirectory on the website (here "/gigi/") and then decide to do expand="true" (drop down menu).

where I have above expand="true" i'd like it to be saying in proper xml/xls code:

If (i'm in the dir = "/gigi") then expand="true" else expand ="false"