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    I have the same basic menu on each page and created the rollover code with Dreamweaver. It includes a preload. When looking at my site log it appears that every time a page is loaded it automatically calls the images again. If they are still in the browser cache why does it do this?

    Would I be better to have the preload only on the main index page and then just let the browser call if it isn't in cache anymore on subsequent pages?

    Added Later

    I just noticed something weird which I can't understand
    Looking at the source for my main page I see the following
    <body text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" link="#FFFFF0" vlink="#FFFFF0" alink="#FF0000" background="images/index_bg.jpg" &nbsp; onLoad="">
    The onload is followed by ="" yet on my original on my hard drive it is onLoad="all the names of the rollover image files">

    It seems to still work and I assume Dreamweaver changed this code at some point on a revision I made to my site. I did upgrade to Dreamweaver 4.0. Does the "" simply load all image files in the menu? Would I be better to put the names back in
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