Yet again another fantastic thread. A great deal to think about here.

A simple example you might be able to help me with ... In a common web application, the code will generally be focused on reading data from a store and presenting it in the browser. eg ...
PHP Code:
// Example 1
$eb =& new EventBroker();
$event =& $eb->findEventByName'myevent' );  // $event is my concern!
$template->setAttribute'venue'$event->getVenue() );
$template->setAttribute'date'$event->getDate() );

// Example 2
$event =& new Event();  // this also concerns me
$event->setName'phpgig' );
$event->setDate'20050215' );
$eb =& new EventBroker();
$eb->save$event ); 
This is working well for me as most of my classes actually do things.

I have an uncomfortable feeling about the numerous noun and simple storage classes I have (Event, Article, NewsItem). They do nothing much apart from getting\setting attributes. Is the logical end to convert these back to simple data arrays? Is this use of a noun acceptable or is there a more appropriate name or direction I can be coming from?