My Outlook has been playing up lately (thanks, Norton Antivirus ) and I have lots of downloaded headers (just the headers) in the Inbox, that I need to delete.

However, the actual email messages they refer to no longer exist on the server (deleted via webmail facility in an effort to restore normality).

I cannot find any way to delete the headers from the Outlook Inbox. Can't move them, can't delete them, can't do any damned thing with them They're all marked for deletion, but I just get an error message every time saying:

(Account Name) Receiving' reported error (0x8004210C) : 'Some messages you marked for download are no longer available on the server.'

and the headers are still there, but with a duplicate copy in addition. (Even though the header and message have been 100% deleted from the actual email server days ago).

Any suggestions gratefully received - haven't had much luck doing a web search on this and Outlook Help was no help at all - naturally...