Let's say I have a web page that displays a list of names and addresses (produced using PHP & MySQL, but that's not relevant for this discussion).

I can put a link on this page that will open up a new browser window for the purposes of entering some search criteria, eg:

<A HREF='search.htm' onClick="window.open('search.htm', 'RIC','width=300,height=300,resizable=no,scrollbars=no'); return false;">search window</a>

The HTML code in search.htm is just a regular FORM. But my question is - how do I ensure that when I click the SUBMIT button on the pop-window that the data is posted back to the main display page (which thereby causes a revised list to be displayed)? I know it's to do with 'target' and 'POST', but I'm can't seem to put my finger on the info I need to make this happen (in a cross-browser compatible way).

Perhaps I have to in some way 'name' the target page in the same way I might do a frame?

Should be an easy one for someone that knows...