Hi all,
I'm new with PHP and can't get it right..
I have a query:

$query = "SELECT
`klasse`.`Klasse` AS `Klasse`,
`klassement`.`LevelId` AS `Level`,
`deelnemer`.`Naam` AS `naam`,
`deelnemer`.`Vereniging` AS `Vereniging`,
`deelnemer`.`URL` AS `URL`,
TRUNCATE (`klassement`.`Totaal percentage` * 100, 2) AS `Totaal%`, TRUNCATE (`klassement`.`Gemiddelde percentage` * 100,2) AS `Gem%` FROM `klassement` INNER JOIN `deelnemer` ON (`klassement`.`DeelnemerId` = `deelnemer`.`Id`) INNER JOIN `deelnemerklasselevel` ON (`deelnemer`.`Id` = `deelnemerklasselevel`.`DeelnemerId`) INNER JOIN `klasse` ON (`klassement`.`KlassId` = `klasse`.`Id`)GROUP BY `Klasse`,`Naam`,`Level` ORDER BY `Klasse`,`Level`,`Totaal Percentage` DESC LIMIT $limitvalue, $limit";

Now I want to create a new page if the value B is returned form `Level`
How do I do this ???
So the question is not paganition that is included and working fine, but different pages for different Levels.
Hope this makes sense...

Thanks in advance for replying !!