First off, the URL: (select "high")

and an alternate page just for reference.:

Second, the problem.
Some of the CSS I am doing seems to be IE only. Specifically, the background-image and aligning the image to negative alignment. So, I am using two stylesheets, oen for Netscape and one for IE.

That itself would be no problem, but I am having some extremely unforeseen problems. The IE stylesheet works when I have the stylesheet on the page itself. It does not however, work when I use the document.write method to choose the stylesheet, nor does it work when I use the <link rel""...> method.

Now, every site that I have checked out says that IE supports the background-image method, but it appears that I have found a bug.

I have tried 5 different browser detection scripts hoping that one of them would work and I get nothing.

Just ahead of time, I have replaced the document.write with an alert to make sure that the script was detecting the browser properly and it does indeed choose the corect browser, I just don't get the background image like I should.

Just as an FYI, the stylesheet in the reference page is the EXACT same one that is being called by the javascript.


I need to finish this project ugently.