United Parcel Service has changed the way it quotes rates online, and it has become a little more complex for a simple ecommerce application.

I have a model page at www.PrescottSpas.com/ups.php where you can put in sending/receiving information and UPS will calculate the rate for ground service.

*** If you are outside the US, try Orginating your "package" from Prescott, 86301 and shipping to Flagstaff, 86001. *****

The result of this page is the display of the UPS.com webpage with the shipping cost.

Instead of displaying that UPS page, I would like to "capture" the webpage and parse it, looking for:
<!-- Displaying the service costs for each package in shipment -->
            <td valign="top" nowrap><div class="modHeadpad">7.25</div> </td>
The amount inside the <DIV> tags is the cost of shipping that I would like to display on the next page of my shopping cart.

Two questions:
1) how to I "capture" that page (preventing it from displaying to the user)?
2) how do I parse the page to retrieve only the shipping amount?