well, i followed a link from a certain members post out of interest (its in the members footer).

His site all looked good, then i noticed errors, one was stormpay.

Who in their right mind would use storm pay, and why? 6.9% + 69cents?! thats absolute madness,

Being british, i prefer uses using nochex, and i have a sellers acct, at just 2.9%, thats as low as it gets for free!!! And paypal, but i dont like there new fee structure so i tend to avoid them.

Secondly, a certain script i stumbled upon worried me, its a script for whois and domain checks by "topdog software"

I have no perosnnal experience with tds, so im making no judgment, but the script that he is using is bad. It can fail with normal data!

I dont mean to hasstle them, they might be good programmers, but in my experience with PHP, if i can go wrong, it will, which is why i spend ages planning my scripts to cover for every errors, and getting loads of those little @ signs in with expressions like if(!$var = @function()) to avoid errors, and display nice neat messages telling the user that the script has an error, or that there input is incorrect!

No offense to tds meant, im just pointing out that theres alot of code i have seen latly that is poorly organised, poorly written, and just bad code....