Hello -

Here's the situation:
We have a paid dedicated server, with paid bandwidth for our website.
The site contains media files (songs, videos) that our visitors can see (Realmedia files).

Here's the problem:
"Hotlinkers"! Other sites are linking to our media files, and although we wouldn't normally mind, they are using up precious paid bandwidth on our server!

I have seen simple CGI scripts around that essentially are called like:

The security.cgi file does two simple things:
1) Expands the 'filename' variable to the complete URL associated with it.
2) ONLY allows access to itself from www.mydomain.com.
So for example, if http://www.hotlinker.com put the link http://www.mydomain.com/cgi-bin/security.cgi?filename on their website, the script would notice the request coming from some place other than mydomain.com and block the access.

Does anyone know where I could get such a script? Its really important as we are losing bandwidth (huge amounts!) and need to find an effective solution.